IMG_0074We are a couple who have been together for quite some time, and we have travelled quite a lot during that time and have met some amazing people.

We have realised that after all our travelling the only real important aspect of life is who you spend your short time on this Earth with.

So, for a number of reasons, we have decided to build this cozy community either in a stunning mountainous area 40 miles outside of Sofia, or in a second beautiful mountainous location 40 miles from the Greek border and 80 miles from Sofia. We love the outdoors and all outdoor recreations, and there are daily cheap flights to and from most UK airports. The cost of living is also extremely cheap here in Bulgaria.

IMG_0215The idea of spending our time with like-minded, open, loving and creative people really appeals to us. In our opinion, there are too many people staying at home in the evenings, bored senseless, and probably tired after long commutes and bad weather. They are trying to fit in and conform to a society that they don't really believe in, because of what others expect of them, instead of being able to be who they really are.

We love the idea of having other creative people and entrepreneurs to chat out all kinds of ideas with over dinner or a few drinks afterwards, playing a game of table tennis or pool in the winter evenings, and all the time having a good laugh along the way.

Take out a guitar and sing a song, or perhaps write one! Go for a swim in the morning, which is a great way to start any day. All of this is possible when couples come together, and you don't need to be a millionaire either.

laloreon-newpics-008Horse riding or quad riding through the forests and mountain tracks is possible for 9 months of the year in both of our chosen locations, as well as sunbathing. One of the great parts of living at the foot of either mountain range is that it doesn't get too hot in the summer months, with temperatures usually between 25C and 30C degrees max. You can go skiing 10 minutes away from your own door for the other 3 months of the year.

Barry, who is an Irish entrepreneur and musician, has vast experience in construction development, and along with his partner Boriana, who is Bulgarian and is well connected in the industry after spending 20 years as a PA at one of the largest construction companies here, they are both very well positioned and confident of completing this venture.

Again though, having said all of the above, we come back to spending our time with like-minded people. That's where our journey to build this community originated. We have found the right heavenly corner of the planet to live in, and all we need to do now is to bring the right type of people to mix with together.