• There will be two communal work spaces within the complex. The first is an open office space where members can work online, and it will also have a small conference area where people can invite others to discuss their projects or seek advice. The second will be a workshop where members can repair cars, machines or make something from wood or steel, for example. We intend to equip this work space with lots of tools to be shared with everyone.
  • The swimming pool and spa area will have all of the usual facilities you would find in any 4 star hotel spa, but will also have two  2-hour nudist time slots during each day with no restrictions on adult interaction, as long as good hygiene standards are respected at all times.
  • Outside we will have two all weather courts which can be used for 5 aside football, tennis, basketball or volleyball. There will also be stables for those who wish to keep horses, and garages for quads or jet skis.
  • The bar and restaurant facilities will be run as completely non-profit businesses. Each member, if they choose, will put their name down for dinner online 24 hours in advance and will choose what they wish to eat from the menu, to avoid waste. Dinner will be served at 7 pm each evening in the winter and 8 pm in the summer months. Every evening one of our members will give a 30 minute presentation in the bar area of something that they are working on, or would like to start working on, or share some interesting documentary they found online. Anything which promotes and encourages the thought process! There will also be an indoor games room next to the bar area with table tennis and billiards.
  • La Loreon is a kid free zone except for school holiday periods like Easter, Christmas, the New Year and the month of August. During these periods our members will be able to invite who they like to our community, and outside of these periods members will be able to invite like-minded adult guests only.

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