La Loreon is a community for open-minded, loving couples and singles over the age of 40 who wish to live full-time in a friendly environment with 99 other couples and singles.

The resort, which will consist of 100 brand new eco-friendly homes is to be built at the foot of a beautiful mountain range in the Balkans.

The idea is to offer those who are fed up with the "rat race" in cities around Europe the opportunity to live with other free spirited, creative people in an unbelievable location

Entrepreneurs, architects, writers, designers, lecturers, artists, musicians, self-employed, or those who can work online from at home are very welcome.

The high walled-in private complex will have an all year round 25 meter swimming pool, a spa area, gym, a community restaurant, bar and games rooms (which will all operate as non-profit), as well as 100 brand new natural stone, timber and glass 2-bedroom homes of 112 square meters (approx. 1120 square feet) each.

Members will be able to live like millionaires without having to have anywhere near that level of wealth.




We estimate at this point that it will cost each couple and/or single person in the region of £120,000 GBP or €150,000 EUR for their new home, which includes the cost of the common facilities.

We also estimate that each couple and/or single person will need a combined income of €20,500 per year minimum. This is broken down as follows:

  • Groceries: €15,000
  • Motor sharing (20 brand new community cars for the use of all members): €1,500
  • All utilities, including heating, electric, water and internet: €3,000
  • Community fees, including heating and maintenance of the pool and spa: €1,000

    Total = €20,500

These are a few words that will not work at La Loreon:

Selfishness, arrogant, possessive, single-minded, troublesome, busy bodies, intrusive, disrespectful, intolerant, over-opinionated or addicts.

And these are a few words that will work for us at La Loreon:

for whom is it - cloud

Optional extras per couple/single may include two season ski passes: €1,000 or two annual golf memberships: €2,000.

If you happen to be a high net worth couple, there is also the advantage of becoming a local resident and paying a flat 10% on your global income.

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