Our first plan is to locate and put together 100 couples and singles who share our idea and want to live in such a community. We are already living in the area, and we have four free apartments for those who would like to meet us and see the location for short vacations.

Once the quota of 100 members is full, we will buy suitable ground and submit planning applications. We would expect to start construction within six months of purchasing the land, and have the complex completed within a further twelve months. You will find the financial plan below under "Structure".

The properties will be finished to a high quality living standard with the kitchen and bathrooms fitted, underfloor heating and solar panels installed. All floors will be finished with top class timber flooring. The only individual loose fittings that will be required will be furniture, i.e. beds, tables, chairs etc., and we could also organise to buy them collectively and ship directly from the manufacturers, with Barry's experience.


The total amount of purchasing the land and the construction cost will be entered into a joint bank account before the purchase of the land, and any withdrawals or payments have to be signed by the first selected committee of ten couples or singles.

Stage payments to the developer through the construction process will also need to be approved by the selected committee, who will appoint their own quantity surveyor and engineer at an equal cost to all members.

There will be a community management team of four people who will look after the upkeep and maintenance of all communal areas: a manager, a secretary and two maintenance personnel. The community management team will operate as non-profit,  just salaries.

The manager might well decide we should buy 30 cars for communal use instead of having 100 cars that are only partly used, but all decisions will have to be passed by a vote of all members.

There will also be some simple rules to be voted on, and we see this as a completely democratic community.

For example, we propose that all external noise stops at 10:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and at midnight / 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday evenings. BBQ groups inside after these times, please. Yes or no - simple vote.

These are just examples, and for sure our community members will come up with a few more rules, but we don't want to be overwhelmed by them either, of course! A sense of fairness and respect for all other members will go a long way.


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